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In other words, they put very little content into their little template outline, and what they end up producing looks more like a “Cub Scout Meeting Agenda” than any worthwhile information. You must remember what you are trying to do. The point in article marketing is to promote your knowledge and use informational selling to attract targeted traffic to your website and may once they get there, it’s your job to get them to consider doing business with you and partaking in your products or services.Whereas, it makes sense to have quantity in the number of articles you produce to help you get more click through traffic, it also makes sense to maintain the quality of your content, otherwise you hurt your personal brand name, and destroy your online reputation.Online readers click on an article because of the title, and when they get there, they expect to have information that is relevant and important to them. If they like what they read and they learn something from the information, you have whetted their appetite, and they may want to learn more.If so, and if you’ve done your job, then they will click on your link and the byline and come to your website. Unfortunately, if you put out garbage, you will end up turning those readers off, and losing your clients before you even get them. Please think of this. remote team meeting agenda

If you are a serious online article marketer, or an online article writer then you know one way to write more content, more consistently to improve your volume and quantity of articles is to use various templates, and formats to help you with this process. That is all well and good, but you can over do it if you’re not careful.First, you should just write 5000 articles using only one template, you should mix and match, and sometimes write with no template at all. All too often people force content into templates and as they write more and more content and have less and less knowledge to put into them, thus, they start skimping the reader.

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