A Brief Introduction to the vivo v15 Pop-Up Selfie Camera

The Vivo V15 was released last summer with many great features and the most talked about of them was the new triple camera setup. This feature set is extremely popular among the phones on the market today. It allows you to take multiple pictures in one snap and can then be compiled into a single picture to share or save for sharing later. These types of functions are usually found on high end luxury phones like the iPhone or HTC Desire but are still great for the budget conscious consumer looking to have the best technology on the market.

The Vivo V15 comes with an amazing vivo v15 dual screen technology allowing you to use one of the screens while still viewing the other in direct sunlight. The result is the ability to use your phone in bright, natural light and having the ability to fully appreciate the other display at the same time. Because of this ability you get that dual screen experience on the Nokia 8.1 and the camera experience on the vivo v15. One nice feature on the vivo v15 is the capability to charge your phone whilst still being able to browse the web.

This wonderful feature is also featured on the Nokia 8.1 although the functionality is a bit different. When you press the home key twice and both cameras are switched off, the handset returns to the normal portrait mode and starts the process of taking a photo. It then switches to the new camera and takes the shot. There is no need to switch the handset off or even pick up the micro USB cable as the unit just goes into portrait mode and starts the photo uploading process.

One of the unique selling points of the vivo v15 is its ability to combine the phone’s camera functionality with its SMS and email applications. The email function allows you to send email replies, make online email addresses, send text messages, as well as manage your contact book. This means that you can perform all of these tasks from either your handset’s camera or the smartphone. This is useful if you are out and about and want to send an instant message on a busy day, or if you have a need to contact a client but are unable to return immediately.

In addition to this neat feature, the vivo v15 has a great camera. It has an 8.1-megapixel primary camera which is also covered with Sony Ericsson’s VAE touch sensor technology. This allows it to take photos in various conditions, such as indoors and outdoors in bright daylight, low light or in complete darkness. The rear camera has a 6.5-inch display which is also protected by Sony Ericsson’s VAE technology. You can download the free Cameraflow app to increase your versatility when it comes to taking pictures.

Nokia has once again produced another winner with the vivo v15. If you’re in the market for a good smartphone with a great display and camera, the vivo v15 is the one to get. It has all of the features you would expect from a smartphone, at a price that won’t break the bank. Plus, it also comes with a free Nokia Email app, so you can use it to organize your incoming emails.